Zim-SA press release: Johannesburg

Zim-SA press release: Johannesburg

Posted on 2017-05-04 20:26:01 4 Comment by  Mr. Anele Ndlovu - President Zim-SA Forum

Zim-SA press release:
From the President of Zim-SA Forum
Mr Anele Ndlovu.

Johannesburg - Monday 13 March 2017

Zim-SA Forum is an organisation formed on the basis of tackling socio-economic issues through Advocacy and investment drive, comprising of both Zimbabweans and South African Business people  and professionals. Since it's inception a year ago, the forum has made tremendous strides in an effort to rebuild the economy of Zimbabwe. The following have been notable achievements:

On investment: Zim-SA Forum  has incorporated fund management entities as partners to raise funding for capital projects and revitalisation of idle lying industrial hubs, targeting mainly the ones within the special economic zones like Bulawayo. Capital Will Be Raised through Cash, Guarantees and many other forms. The forum will excecise ingenuity in this area.

On Banking: Zim-SA Forum has been quietly building a strong and resilient long term Diasporan funding model i.e (a treasury function', with a local financial institution which will benefit both Zimbabweans and South Africans, and Africans in general in the long run to enjoy favourable lending against any purchases of movable and non movable assets in their respective countries, guaranteeing loans for projects.

As a mandate to the forum, raising capital is continuous work considering that Zimbabwe is a green field, we can safely say Capital raised will run into billions. The next few months are very critical for us, we don't want this exercise to be delayed any further, we are looking at making our first announcement on capital raised within 4 to 5 months more or less.

The areas targeted for investment are mining, infrastructure,agriculture, tourism, ernegy, basically the key sectors of the economy.

''I must say that the support we are receiving from the Embassy of Zimbabwe and The Ministry of Macro Economic Planning and Investment Promotion is overwhelming, and we are thankful for that. But we believe this is responsible citizenry to worry about the status of our economy and do something about it. We will sort support from South African Government as we go along'', according to the President of the Zim-SA Forum, Mr. Anele Ndlovu.

On Membership " our members are our key assets, as we are a membership based organisation, they will enjoy first class priority in many areas like obtaining funding for projects, exclusive participation in meetings and conferences. We have a bucket full of benefits for our members.

The Zim- SA Forum takes pride in it's stakeholder Relations with the BBC (Black Business Council), as the forum continues to seek collaboration spaces with various entities, and with time, results of these relationships will show.

On Growth of Zim-SA Forum " whilst this is inevitable, it will be organic, and really not on top of the priority list, it will be influenced by results on the ground, as this is top priority.

Plans for this year: On the 10th and 11th of May, the Forum  will host an investor conference at the Da Vinci Hotel in the business hub of Sandton City Johannesburg, which will see different Zimbabwean government ministries coming to present opportunities on investment in plenary sessions, and the signing of the Aid Memoir to cement our working relationship with government. In addition to that, The Forum will be hosting a golf tournament for the President's cup at the beautiful world wonder and the pride of Zimbabwe, Victoria falls, there will be roadshows, more conferences and events around the world to promote investment into Zimbabwe. Not withstanding the amount of investment that has to be done in South Africa as well.

Mr. Ndlovu says, ''Where to from here" we will continue to work hard to bring together Diasporans, investors, interested parties to start looking at opportunities of investment  that Zimbabwe is offering and take advantage of them. And as a forum, we will continue to raise funding for capital projects and facilitate joint ventures and consortiums between South African,  Zimbabwean and foreign companies to participate in projects that Zimbabwe is offering''.

''I must say "Zimbabwe Is Open For Business "

    -    Mr. Anele Ndlovu - President Zim-SA Forum

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Webster Nyoni

thank you Mr Ndlovu i like to take advantage of the organization

26 June, 2017

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Lamulani Sibanda

I am interested, l do l get a membership

14 December, 2017

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Thokozani Dube

Great initiative guys, that's a way to go

22 December, 2017

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4 April, 2018