Zim-SA Forum and it's growth path welcomes ZIMSACCI

Zim-SA Forum and it's growth path welcomes ZIMSACCI

Posted on 2017-03-21 21:43:00 1 Comment by  Mr A Ndlovu

Statement From The President

It has been 8 months to be exact, that the forum came into existence. We have gone from strength to strength since then. We have seen the endorsement of the executive, and the constitution, to hosting a meet and greet session, which was also a launch on the 29th of October.

The 29th of October was a significant  moment, we had guests like The Vice President of Zimbabwe, Mr Mnangagwa, the Ambassador his Excellency Mr Isaac Moyo. And a host of business people and delegates from various organisations.

Since then, we have had an opportunity to lead a delegation from South Africa to Zimbabwe with various interests in the economy, attend a youth function at borrowdale newscafe in Harare.

To mention but a few, we are now focusing towards the growth of the organisation as a unifying force both in South Africa and in  the diaspora. Just recently, after a lot of deliberations with the biggest Zimbabwe chamber of Commerce in Cape Town, ZIMSACCI, with Mr Julius Shamu, a visionary, as the President of the organisation, we reached a land Mark  agreement to unite the 2 organisation to make one force. I am glad to announce this historic agreement reached on the incorporation between Zim-SA and ZIMSACCI, which will see ZIMSACCI being desolved, and all members and executive being incorporated into the executive of Zim-SA Forum. We share the same common vision, and goals, so this was bound to happen. And I would like to thank the President of ZIMSACCI, and his team for their willingness to engage with an open mind, and for agreeing to the incorporation of the two  organisations.

We are indeed focusing on the growth of the organisation, through various means, also tackling issues of investment, both in South Africa and Zimbabwe, and uniting the diaspora in order to create an environment of trust, and drive investment.

Zim-SA Forum is your platform to constructively engage in various issues concerning business the economy. It is your mouth piece.

United we stand, divided we fall.

Mr A Ndlovu 
Zim-SA Forum

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Rodrick Chiwundura

This is certainly a great vision which we would all want to be part of and contribute! Well done patriots.

21 December, 2017